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Walking around the stunning village of Oia

<h1>Walking around the stunning village of Oia</h1>
Strolling around the cobblestone alleys at the traditional villages of Santorini, admiring the whitewashed cubic houses with the blossomed courtyards and the breathtaking views many of them offer, is a truly enchanting experience.
Oia is one of the most beautiful settlements on the island, home to Armeni Luxury Villas, which perfectly reflects the authentic Cycladic charm and finesse.
Lying on the impressive caldera cliffs, about 150 meters above sea-level, Oia is the ideal place to revel at the magical sunsets of Santorini. Walking around its winding pathways, you will discover quaint blue-domed churches, the Naval Maritime Museum of Oia, art galleries, the ruins of a Venetian fortress, and, of course, many shops, gourmet restaurants, traditional taverns, trendy cafes and bars.
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